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Louis, a 22 pound lobster, narrowly escapes with his life.

Louis gets his freedom. In honor of national lobster week, the owner of Peter's clam bar in Hempstead made a noble decision to free Louis, in hopes of a long life ahead.

You see, Louis the lobster, is 22 pounds of lobster, to be sure...but what makes this lobster story even more endearing is that Louis was in jail...incarercated....stuffed inside an aquarium at the bar for some 20 years and now he gets his freedom.

Even more interesting is that Louis, before his capture was alive and well, for over 100 years, making him about 132 years old!

And now he gets his freedom.

A few weeks ago, Louis was zipped by speedboat to his new home near the Atlantic Beach reef.

Have a good life, Louis... you deserve it!



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