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"I received the best and most detailed exam I’ve ever had!  The on-going education I receive about my health and diet is exactly what I need to be successful."  Rima S.

Dr. Kolbaba conducts a thorough exam and looks for issues other doctors don’t. I learned that clues to my health can be found in the examination of my nails, hands and tongue.  Mental as well as physical well-being is also addressed."  Chris S.

The clinic is very welcoming and inviting and I was impressed by the thoroughness of the exam.  I didn’t feel rushed and Dr. Kolbaba took the time to get to know me on a personal level.  At every visit, the doctor and staff educate me in my progress toward vitality."   Logan H.

"This is a doctor I can relate to!  Wanna have a good time getting healthier?  Get ready for that adventure in health Dr. K talks about.  I haven’t felt this good in years and my attitude has changed since health coaching.  I’m making healthier choices and enjoying life!"  Tim J.

"After listening to HealthQuest Radio for years, my husband suggested I pay a visit to Dr. Kolbaba’s clinic. Compassionate, supportive and thorough, Dr. K is like no other doctor I’ve every met.  He treats the whole person."  Elaine L.

"I heard Dr. Kolbaba on HealthQuest Radio and felt a connection with his philosophy on living the healthy lifestyle I needed.  Dr. K’s health coaching style is invaluable and his supportive, caring staff keep me on track with my health goals from week to week.  It’s a comprehensive system that really works as I feel happier, more energetic and better able to handle what life throws at me. My family is impressed with the changes they are seeing in me." Gabrielle G.

"If you really want to get healthy, this is the place to be.  Dr. Kolbaba helped me change my lifestyle and the friendly staff answers and explains your questions." Cheryl J.

"If you have problems with your body, Dr. Kolbaba really listens to you.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful and makes the process of improving your health so much easier."  Tomas R.

"I finally decided it was time to start taking care of myself and knew Dr. Kolbaba’s clinic was the place to start. Dr. K’s honesty and his supportive staff have helped me on my way.  The impact of my decision has changed my life and I know it is making a difference in the lives of my children."  Rose V.

"Get out of the mainstream doctor’s office and visit Dr. Kolbaba. Comprehensive healthcare without the drugs!" Linda G.

"I’ve been totally off my blood pressure and cholesterol medications for the last 5 weeks!  If you are serious about a positive health change, join Dr. Kolbaba’s team."  Bill B.

"I highly recommend the clinic with its unique, comprehensive and nutritionally based chiropractic approach.  This is not a “quick fix” program but an effective and powerful modality that, in my opinion, will put you on the road to health in a short period of time.  If you implement what you learn here, you will have gone a long way toward minimizing health concerns in the future."  Mike M.

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