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"Dr. Kolbaba has wisdom and experience, bar none.  He holds you accountable and deeply cares for your success."  Carol D.

"At 79, I thought it would be hard to lose weight but Dr. Kolbaba proved me wrong!   He watches over my weight, monitors my entire body and makes sure I accomplish what I came to the office to do.  I have lost over 34 lbs. in 12 weeks…great job, well done!"   Rachel V.   

"As a breast cancer survivor, I know and trust Dr. Kolbaba for all my health needs. I appreciate his holistic practice and desire for true health, not the typical "band aid" approach.  He treats the whole person; mind, body and soul to help improve your health for now and for the future.  With guidance and education, Dr. K helps you accomplish your goals so you can live life to the fullest!"  Denise S.

"I first heard Dr. K on HealthQuest Radio and he sounded like a fun doctor to be around, more so than your typical healthcare physician.   Dr. K and his caring staff can “fix” just about anything."  Bill L.

"I found Dr. K when I was driving to work and saw a sign about HealthQuest Radio and tuned in.  I was very interested in improving my health so I made an appointment.  I have learned a lot about food and diet and have lost over 20 lbs. and feel better than I have felt in over 30 years.  The clinic is friendly and knowledgable."  Carmen W.

"If you want an alternative to typical drugs and surgery and are interested in whole health and advanced preventative care, this is the place!  My improved health and lifestyle changes are benefiting my children and grandchildren too."  Nancy H.

"I’m a HealthQuest Radio listener and decided I needed to change my lifestyle. Since starting at the clinic, I’ve learned so much about toxicity and its impact on the body. The friendly, courteous staff has sincere concern for my health and well being. I’m often asked to explain why I look so good! That’s always nice!"  Karen S.

"I’ve lost over 60 lbs on Dr. Kolbaba’s nutritional program.  My wife and I live a much more active and healthy lifestyle. The healthcoaching sessions and the bioimpedance analysis testing are what I like best about the care."  Jerry C.

"After seeing Dr. K for many years, I tell people to come to the clinic for treatments and procedures that are natural and may help with the problems they are having without the use of drugs or surgery."  Irene D.

"I was looking for a clinical nutritionist and I found one that does much, much more!  I am more conscious of my food choices and keep track of my walking steps by using a pedometer.  And my entire family is eating healthier too.  My joint paint has subsided and I feel better about myself, especially when my husband tells me my butt looks smaller…hallelujah!"  LouAnn Z.

"I came to the clinic after 9 months of sciatica pain in my leg.  After two chiropractic treatments the pain was gone!  Dr. Kolbaba is the best…he is kind, thoughtful and very knowledgable."  Patty W.

"Dr. Kolbaba and his staff have exceeded my expectations!  I didn’t realize what a mess my spine was.  I "woke up" to the value of preventative care for my spine and my whole body.  The mix of general health care with chiropractic was a real plus."  George M.

"As a senior, I received help with a torn tendon in my leg, stomach distress, weight control and much, much more!  At 89, my family rejoices that they have a healthy mom...and yes, you can be healthy too!"  Martha C.

"I began visiting the clinic after a car accident on a recommendation from my dad.  After going to other chiropractors, I found that they didn’t relieve my symptoms.  I am now pain-free!  Dr. K can help cure what ails you."  Anne A.

"What do I like best about the clinic?  It’s hard to say…I like it all!  Are you in pain?  See Dr. K and he’ll give you the straight answer in a way that you’ll understand it.  The staff is great…they make you feel like you’re family!"  Rick S.

"I was feeling tired and achy before visiting the clinic.  My root problems were addressed through nutrition, exercise and weekly encouragement.  I’ve been on nutritional shakes for more than 4 months and feel great!  My pain has been reduced to about 80% and I’m not tired anymore.  I’m a happier person now and I encourage others to eat healthier and exercise too."  Debby P.

"The high quality of care I received from Dr. Kolbaba and his staff has had a tremendous impact on my life.  I have learned to give from my abundance rather than my deficit.  I’ve been a patient of the clinic for many years and I live a better quality of life because I've learned to take care of my health.  Dr. K provides preventative care and all-natural ways to heal.  Everyone in the office desires for your success.  You won’t find this level of care anywhere else."  Lourdes C.

"My energy and heart rates are fantastic and I sleep very well.  My relationships have improved and I tell everyone about my new energy and vitality.  They see the results."  Jeff L.

"I’ve learned a lot from Dr. K.  I know what to eat to stay health.  I am eating the right food now and I really like the music playing in the waiting room."  Barbara J. (child)

"I was looking for foot care that didn’t involve surgery.  Since wearing my custom orthotics, I feel great and I love the foot adjustments.  My family and I are happy to know that there are homeopathic options to help us get healthy.  Friendly, helpful staff."  Danuta L.

"I’ve been seeing Dr. K since I was a child and visit regularly.  I received chiropractic adjustments during my pregnancy which helped with the birth of my daughter.  This regular care has kept me healthy."  Amy K.

"What I like best about the clinic is the results!  My whole family has improved health since seeing Dr. Kolbaba.  His quality of healthcare has solidified my belief in health maintenance, not the typical medical care."  Larry C.

"I felt better within a few days of being treated by Dr. Kolbaba.  Improved quality of life is his goal for all of us!"  Linda C .

"Dr. Kolbaba exceeded my expectations when he treated my son’s dislocated shoulder after office hours.  He also helped eliminate my headaches and has made me more aware of the state of my health, which has led me to a healthier lifestyle."  Dennis W.

"Honesty is spoken here. Love the friendly staff and education I receive at the clinic."  Pattie L.

"My experience with Dr. K and his staff has been excellent. I now have less headaches."  Larry E.

"After seeing Dr Kolbaba, I’ve learned that most people are living with dysbyosis.  All health results from the condition of our gut. The testing services were just what I was looking for and the calm, peaceful atmosphere is a plus…I love the website!"  Beth E.

"I’ve been seeing "Uncle Dave" since I was born!  I absolutely love the ride on the chiropractic table and the staff is fun and nice. I’m very flexible since I’ve been receiving chiropractic treatments all my life."  Mia S. (child)

"The impact of the care that I’ve received with Dr. Kolbaba is positive in every way!  I have more energy and feel better.  The staff is friendly and knowledgable."  Pam C.

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