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My Healing Story

Melissa F.

I began my health journey over 7 years ago. I cannot begin to list the many changes I have made related to how I eat, what I put on my body, the products I now use in my home or how I use energy healing techniques and meditation to calm and heal myself. It has been a progressive and wonderful journey. The one area I had learned a great deal about but had not focused on directly was my gut. 70%+ of your immune system, many of your hormones and your ability to absorb nutrition resides in this delicate part of your system. The leading cause of death for people over 50 is colon cancer. It was an area that I really need to focus on. I was in really good heath, I was very active as an avid, competitive tennis player but I knew there was more I could to for my overall health and my performance on the tennis court.

I observed my mom and her partner's work with Dr Kolbaba and had researched some local integrative health practitioners in my home town of Charlotte, NC. After seeing my mom and her partner's amazing success with Dr Kolbaba I decided that I wanted to follow his protocol for cleaning out my colon.

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Michelle M

“My Healing Story” probably isn’t really all that different from most people.  I had noticed a co-worker had lost a lot of weight and I inquired about their process.  That was when I heard about Dr. David Kolbaba and Associates. 

After talking with my co-worker and hearing about this transformation, just the idea of being healthy was intriguing.  I had gained a lot of weight over a period of five years and was feeling terrible, both inside and out.  I had very little energy and was always tired, wanting to sleep a lot.  I hated shopping for clothes or always being out of breath when taking a short walk.  There was an ache in my legs that always seemed to linger no matter what I did.  I hated going for my annual check-up because I always had to deal with my doctor telling me to lose weight, but never telling me what to do about it.   

I was in a place where I needed to make a change but didn’t know where to start. I knew if I didn’t make this change, I would probably end up diabetic like many people in my family. Most of all, I was simply tired of feeling the way that I did and I was ready for a fresh start. 


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Nancy H.

Nancy H.

I am pleased to share my healing story as a HealthQuest patient. I am 64 years old, a wife of 41 years with three grown sons and 7 grandchildren. I became a patient of Dr. Kolbaba’s about 9 years ago after hearing his HealthQuest Radio show. It was an answer to prayer during a tumultuous time in my personal life.

I had reached a point where I was exhausted; not sleeping well, hurting in places I didn’t know existed. I managed to get through the daily work and family responsibilities with coffee, diet soda and of course, sugary snacks. I have battled my weight with “all or nothing” yo-yo dieting, and although I had dropped weight quickly, it rapidly returned.

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Kathleen F.

Kathleen F.

People ask me what my motivation is for walking everyday. It’s simple; it’s the one thing that I do for myself that I truly enjoy! Everyday I choose walking as my top priority of “things to do”; everything else follows.

I make a point of walking at least one to three miles a day. I usually walk three, regardless of the weather conditions. Three years ago I entered the UltraMeal Challenge Contest* and worked hard at getting healthy and reaching my goals. With Dr. Kolbaba’s health coaching, a controlled diet and walking six miles a day, I went from a size 12 to a size 2-4. Today, I maintain my health and weight using this same criteria.

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Joe G.

Joe G.

I am 46 years old and originally came to Dr. K’s office because my family and I were concerned about my declining health. For decades I had tried to put myself into a healthy life style without success. Finally, years after a quadruple heart bypass and diabetes, my family prompted me to take action.

Let me be clear about my last statement. After having a heart bypass, I was still unsuccessful in developing a healthy life style. Truthfully, it was my family that pushed me to take action and begin with Dr. Kolbaba’s detoxification and health coach program.

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